Yuletide Letter!

Dear Yuletide Author,

This is my first year signing up for Yuletide, and I'm really happy that you're writing for me. I've always been very intimidated by this fest, so I'm glad you're here! Here's a few things you may want to know:

I like the characters being happy and satisfied by their choices in the end. I like female characters being Buffy-style Vampire Slayers (I don't know that any of my requests work with that, but it's a thing to consider if my prompts don't work for you). I like female characters being awesome in general and saving the day, even without super powers. I like great characterizations, especially when it comes to the way two characters interact with each other. I like character journeys.

I don't like character bashing. I tend to like every possible character. Even the ones I'm "supposed" to hate have their place. I'm not really into hurt/comfort, especially the kind that has a character getting injured for the sole purpose of being nursed back to health.

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