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Yuletide Letter!

Dear Yuletide Author,

This is my first year signing up for Yuletide, and I'm really happy that you're writing for me. I've always been very intimidated by this fest, so I'm glad you're here! Here's a few things you may want to know:

I like the characters being happy and satisfied by their choices in the end. I like female characters being Buffy-style Vampire Slayers (I don't know that any of my requests work with that, but it's a thing to consider if my prompts don't work for you). I like female characters being awesome in general and saving the day, even without super powers. I like great characterizations, especially when it comes to the way two characters interact with each other. I like character journeys.

I don't like character bashing. I tend to like every possible character. Even the ones I'm "supposed" to hate have their place. I'm not really into hurt/comfort, especially the kind that has a character getting injured for the sole purpose of being nursed back to health.

Request One:
Warehouse 13. Claudia Donovan, Steve Jinks
Details: Claudia and Steve are awesome and BFFs forever. That's the biggest thing. I love Warehouse hijinx, with crazy stuff happening due to stuff stored in the Warehouse. I'm also happy with happy with standard case fic, or no artifacts at all (but they make stuff more fun). Pre or post S3 finale.

Other stuff: I realize that "BFFs Forever" is like saying "PIN Number". Claudia is my favorite character. I love her enthusiasm, her angst, her loyalty, her everything. I feel like Claudia collects big brothers, like after almost losing Joshua, she keeps extras around and she loves them all. I pretty much love everything about her friendship with Steve. This is a good place for kickass women saving the day.

Request Two:
Dead Poets Society. Charlie Dalton, Knox Overstreet
Details: When I watch this movie I see Charlie being in love with Knox while Knox is completely oblivious because he's so in love with Chris. I would love a Charlie POV of moments from the movie and stuff in between the film's scenes (I would LOVE him talking to Mr. Keating about it, judgment free). If that's completely impossible, because that's pretty specific, anything about Charlie (without any non-Knox pairings) would be great, especially focusing on what happens to him after Welton.

Other Stuff: I'm totally okay with Charlie not being okay with his sexuality. It makes more sense to me, keeping the time in which the movie takes place in mind. Homosexuality was considered a mental disorder. Not the most open minded time. But I can't really picture him angsting about it either. Any way you'd like to take it, I'm good.

Request Three:
Roswell. Tess Harding, Kyle Valenti
Details: Tess is my favorite character, so anything with her being awesome is Thumbs Up. I ship Tess/Kyle, but if you want to write a brother/sister relationship for them, that's cool. As long as they're being them and are close, I'm happy. Them having some kind of big adventure would be really cool, but I'm also happy with something smaller scale.

Other Stuff: Another great place for kickass women saving the day. But, frankly, I think Tess is going to save Kyle's butt WAY more than he could even pretend he could save her's. Other characters are welcome in this fic, but focus on Tess and Kyle. I'd hate to see any hints of evil!Tess.

Request Four:
Six Feet Under.
Details: I didn't specify characters because I'm happy with any of them, or all of them. My favorite thing is when the Fishers have Real Family Moments. When they're there for each other. I love seeing Claire and David come closer. I really love Claire and Ruth's relationship. I love Nate and David getting closer. But anything with the family being together and being there for each other. Feel free to take this prompt and add werewolves, or make it post-apocalyptic or something. Be creative. You don't have to add a fantastic element, but if you'd like.

Other Stuff: Are zombies too predictable for them, or would it just be funny? How long would it take for them to notice? They talk to dead people all the time. Feel free to include Keith and Brenda and even Rico and his family, because they're part of the family too, but I want focus on any of the four Fishers.


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